Frequently Asked Questions

IC-Lock Gun Locks

  • Can multiple IC-Locks be keyed the same?  Yes!  Simply make your request in the "order notes" during checkout.

  • How do I submit my request for custom engraving?  If your request is for text only, submit it during checkout in the "order notes".  If you would like to use a custom logo/image, please contact us after placing your order, and include the artwork and order number.

SBP Blade Protector

  • What are the SBP Pistol Brace Protectors?  The SBP Blade Protectors are PROTECTION devices for your firearm equipped with a Shockwave Blade.  They protect against accidental drops on the Shockwave, and also help with steadying the firearm when propped against a wall.  Also great if you need to "mortar" a jammed firearm.  Beat up the protector instead of your blade.
  • Can I use the SBP on my AR15 or buffer tube equipped PISTOL?  NO.  The ATF presently "finds that the Shockwave Blade Stabilizer brace as modified by the installation of the "SBP Protector", would constitute the "making", and redesign, of the Shockwave Blade Stabilizer in a manner that if attached to a handgun, with a barrel of less than 16 inches, would result in "making" a short-barreled rifle."  WE ARE ACTIVELY PURSUING A NEW, FAVORABLE DETERMINATION FROM THE ATF WITH REGARDS TO USE ON PISTOLS.  Read the ATF's entire determination letter here.
  • OK, so are these legal to use?  IC13 is actively pursuing a new determination from the ATF, but at this time, the SBP may be used on a rifle with barrel length of 16" or longer, or a lawfully registered SBR.
  • What is your return policy on the SBP?  You may return the SBP in new, unused condition within 30 days of receiving it.  THE SBP MUST STILL HAVE THE ZIP TIE AND WARNING TAG INSTALLED AND INTACT.  SBPs that are returned without the zip tie and tag intact will be subject to at 25% restocking fee.  Contact us for an RMA number for your return.

Mount Up! Gun Mount System

  • Can multiple mounts be keyed alike?  Yes.  All mounts in an order are keyed the same, unless you make a note during checkout or contact us requesting otherwise.
  • Where are the installation instructions?  You can find them here.

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